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Saturday, 8-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
2nd Comm games experience..

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Malays!a started off with 1-0

Then Pak!stan scored to make it 1-4

Later the score was 2-5

We managed to catch up till 5-5

But they scored an extra goal not long after our 5th goal =(

Nevertheless, we made it to the semi-final, wohooo!!!

It was a GREAT game..full of adrenaline rush and i'm mostly amazed by their fighting spirit, despite the summery hot autumn.

As a result, i only have a photo of them in action. too busy cheering with the rest of Msian clan=)

pics courtersy of me, ann, ana, maryam, syima.

Thursday, 30-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Comm games 2006

somewhere near flagstaff
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started off with a series of lectures in one of the hosp in melb, then shopping and finally hockey match between M'sia and Trinidad & Tobago(peonn??)hehehe, hafta admit it wasnt a tough game and we won by 8-0... twilight match and had fun cheering with the pakcik next to us...heheh..after BISMI take away, i can hardly open my eyes in the train

pictures courtesy of me, ann, adli, syima...

Tuesday, 21-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Moomba festival

who's the photographer??
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it is an annual event but this was our first time to the festival. suppose there were fireworks at night but not this year as they gave way to comm games. instead, there's multi-cultural parade and later we went food-hunting (as usual la kan..)..didnt we look like tourists, snapping pics here and there??

Wednesday, 8-Mar-2006 07:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Evelyn neighbourhood

partner in crime
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some miscellaneous pics..koleksi berbasikal di petang hari

Saturday, 24-Dec-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aliza Yasmin's wedding~mini gathering SSP 9599

table librarian,hehe
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From the blogspot..

i should say that i made a right decision to turn up to this wedding..was really overwhelmed seeing my good mates, some were long lost since we left school in 6 years ago..damn, i wish i could be more expressive over how i felt and thought about this whole Aliza's wedding-who-turn-out-to-be-our-mini-gath..before that, i met up with ina, liyana and huda as they picked me up at LRT station and we headed to OU. We ended up 'bullying' each other(ok, i was actually the infamous victim:p) and trying (really hard) to talk sense over Peranakan meals...whee, thanks to the career woman Liyana;)..then we bumped into chendol & kak mega..the latter was our headprefect when we were in F4 and believe me, she aint changed a bit..remembered each of us and we talked and joked like some good ol buddies..a living proof of a very-down-to-earth person..
back to the wedding..what can i say, out of 3 hours we spent there, only 30 mins that we really gave our attention to the food(suprise!suprise)..the rest of time= giggled, catched up with ppl, giggled again, cranky jokes, giggled again, posed for camera, giggled again, enjoyed the tv, giggled fact we (or shall i say i personally) thought it's a wise decision to put our tables where they were cos errr hehehe, cant imagine if they were so glad to meet a few that i never come into contact face-to-face or virtually since school life ended..but none of us changed..the same ol giggling bunches of 20-urmm-sumthing's..hahahah, i'll never grow old with these crowd..

Top 15 best-quoted dialoques..err anonymous simply means i cant remembered who said it and not to de-identify...

Yatt: wehhhh hanin, tak sangka gila aku bleh jumpe ko kat sini (gaya excited)
Hanin: hahahaha, memang. aku pun..(excited jugak:p)
Yatt: ko nak tau, mase aku tgk nama ko kat list tuh aku pk 'isk, iyelah sgt hanin nak ade kat sini..takkan punye..hampeh budak tu, kasi nama mcm ye ye jeh nak dtg'..hahahah
Hanin: hahahaha, eleh ko tuh lagi tak logik nak ade kat sini..apsal ko kat sini nih??? pelik aku..hah hah??
Yatt:aku cuti aaa..eleh ko tuh..isk serius aku tak sangka bleh jumpe ko kat sini..

Ina: hmm, Aliza nampak lain bile tgk..
Hanin: haahla, nmpk mcm muka ko..
Yatt: haa ape ape?? (again i misses the jokes and they unhappily-but-just-have-to repeat the conversation).

Mase Khai and Rosma nyanyi
Anonymous 1:wahh....mesti byk spend..
Anonymous 2: Raml! MS ade tuh, so maybe sedara dia..then dptla invite diorg tu..
Then M!sha Omar plak..
Anonymous: ok, kaya kaya..

Melati: ok nx year mase 1st anniversary dinner, aku nak ckp ' i want this table and i want this place'.

Ina: Seri, boleh tak nak request lepas mkn nanti ko sendawa kuat2..utk ktrg..hehehe
Seri: wahhh, terharunye aku..ade permintaan..boleh boleh

Ina: korang ingat tak mase f5 dulu ade skali masa prep mlm..org2 yg naik awal kat 5J. then ade org dtg kat depan and ckp "haaa, ade sape sape sakit kat rumah"(tuh dialog fevret ustazah)..ustazah ade kat blakang mase tuh..
Whole SSPians at the table: (chen sampe berair2 mata)..
Melati: sape la tuh??? hahah, kalu aku dah keluar skolah dah..
Anonymous: kalu aku, mmg letak jawatan aa...

Again, mase Khai and Rosma tgh nyanyi..
Melati: ok korang, lepas nih jgn sms..
Yatt: haa ape dia ko ckp melat? (excuse:aku selang 3 kerusi dari dia:p)

Ezleen introduced her other half to me...
Ezleen: haa yatt, dia pun org klantan jugak..(turned to him and said the same thing)
Yatt: ohh ye ke..duk mane?
Him: kota bharu..
Yatt:(out of nowhere)..hmm apelah korang nih..asal jumpe org n tanye duduk mane jeh, mesti kota bharu..kota bharu..takde tempat lain dah ke???haiihhh..

Yatt: bla bla bla..hehehe..
Ifi: ko nih yatt, takde beza macam dulu gak..
Yatt: ape dia?? alamak ye ke..nih yg nak segan nih..tak berubah tang mane? *muka konon malu2*
Ifi: huh!! menyesalnye aku..why did i say all those things??
Yatt: hahahahahaha, amik ko!

Meja 56 (us)
Ina: wehhh, meja kita nih bisingnye..tgk meja tuh, senyap jehh..
Hanin: haahla....ala meja tuh asal librarian.meja kita nih dining hall..
Ina: eh Hanin..sorang jeh librarian kat situ..yg meja kita nih, ko n melati tuh prefect..
Hanin: eh Ina, ko lupe ke ko pun prefect???
Ina: eh, haahla..lupa chen ko makan tak? pinjam fork and spoon:p

Peon: haah, aku penah kena tinggal ngan ayah aku sebab lambat..ko penah melat?
Melati: takk, aku tak penah kena tinggal dgn ayah aku mahupun ayah ko...

guy-yang-sesat-kat-meja-kitorang: wehh, korang nih bisingla..macam pasar! (gaya melawak selepas asik dibuli dah diperli:p)
semua org: elehhhhh!!! cakap org...macam ko takk..sama jehh

that-guy-again: bla bla dia nyanyi..bla bla sedap
Huda: haah, ko penyanyi kolej 2 kan?
that-guy-again: eh,hahaha (muka kalut)..cemana ko tahu??
Huda: alaaaaa, aku pun kolej 2 jugak..

That-guy-again: korang nih satu skolah dgn Aliza ke?
Anonymous1: haah..sekolah dot dot dot
Anonymous2:(whisper)eh apsal ko ckp skola tuh?
Anonymous1: alaa...aku taknak menjatuhkan nama skola kita(muka konspirasi)
then when he knew our actual school's name..
That-guy-again: ohh, Aliza penah eh skola situ??
Anonymous: haah, penah..sekejap
That-guy-again: ohh, korang nih kire kawan sekejap la eh?
All of us: heyyyyy, kurang asam la ko...

Hanin: ko nak tau, aku mase before sampai sini dah risau sbb dah lama tak jumpe korang..taktau cemana nak bckp kalau2 dah berubah ke.
Ina: heheh, so cemana??
Hanin: hahaha, tak berubah langsung...sama jeh korang..

to my dearest College Friend, you looked lovely in ur wedding dress. May Allah bless both of u and lead a happy married life..

to the rest of 9599's, meet u guys again in our next wedding-gath...

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